Q Sessions

Patrick Damphier

"Money In The Meter" - Q Sessions - Recorded August 25, 2019

Patrick Damphier - vocals/guitar

Rollum Haas - drums

Rodrigo Avendano - keys

Juan Solorzano - guitar

Asher Horton - bass


"Bug" - Q Sessions - Recorded August 4, 2019

In order of appearance:

Callan Dwan - Guitar, Vox

Peter Mercer - Guitar, Vox

Luke Fedorko - Drums

Taro Yamazaki - Bass


"Why Not" - Q Sessions - Recorded August 4, 2019

Josephine Moore - Guitar and vocals

Evan Hickman - Guitar

BJay Moore - Bass guitar

Bryan Moore - Drums and vocals

"Why Not' - written and performed by Only

Showcasing the cynicism of a Capricorn and the detachment of an Aquarius,

"Why Not" is a tale of exploitation and power told by a girl on the cusp. - Jo

Coyote Motel

"Josh Gibson" - Q Sessions - Recorded July 14, 2019

"Josh Gibson" is about the 1930s baseball hero. But it's also a song about racism. Josh was a great player who some ranked better than Babe Ruth, yet he never got the acclaim he deserved because he was African-American and was limited to playing for the Negro League. It's a simple story, and while Josh is obviously long gone, this story is still with us, bring written again and again in America every day.

Ted Drozdowski: vocals and guitar

Sean Zywick: bass

Kyra Curenton: drums

Ted Drozdowski"Josh Gibson" from Coyote Motel, the 2019 debut album from Ted Drozdowski's Coyote Motel
Songwriter: Ted DrozdowskiDolly Sez Woof Publishing/BMI

Secret Club

"Cheap/Secret Club" - Q Sessions - Recorded July 14, 2019

AJ Babcock: Bass/Vocals

Angela Wooten: Guitar/Vocals

Blake Wooten: Guitar

Nate Moran: Drums

Tape Deck Mountain

"Screen Savior" - Q Sessions - Recorded June 30, 2019

"Originally titled 'Go to bed' inspired by a close friends late night music industry and political Facebook rants. You could say 'Screen Savior' is my late night Facebook rant, drenched in reverb and guitar squeals. Currently unreleased, the studio version will eventually find it's place on an LP." - Travis Trevisan

Travis Trevisan: Guitar, Vocals

Greg Harp: Guitar

Sully Kincaid - Bass, Vocals

Andy Gregg - Drums


"Can't Go Back" - Q Sessions - Recorded June 30, 2019

Taylor Lowrance - guitar/vox

Brennan Walsh - keys

Jon Conant - guitar

Kurt Cooper - bass

Ben Crannell - drums

Recorded June 30, 2019 at County Q Productions by Weston Wellman

Tom Pappas - Vocals, Guitar

Pat Meusel - Vocals, Bass

Ben Proctor - Drums

The Tom Pappas Collection

"Cyanide IV Glue" - Q Sessions - Recorded April 7, 2019

"Cyanide IV Glue was written and played in my punk band The USED in 1993 in Knoxville, TN ( before the Used from 2000.) It was later revamped and recorded by WHiP in 2007 on the Hellavator EP.

I missed the song and since the Hellavator EP is out of print and I don’t have a copy I thought we would record it once more. TPC gave the song a go at the illustrious County Q in Nashville, TN.

The Song was recorded on the day one of my best friends was put to rest. So we gave him a proper tribute at the end.

We really Miss Scott Ballew - May his memory be eternal in sight of All Mighty God. - Tom Pappas

April 7, 2019

The Hollywood Horses

"Heavy Rubber Gloves" - Q Sessions - Recorded May 25, 2019

The Hollywood Horses perform "Heavy Rubber Gloves" - Live at County Q Productions.

Hollywood Horses Bandcamp

Breely Flower - Drums, Vocal

Andrew Hollywood - Guitar, Vocal

Michael Hollywood - Bass

May 25, 2019

Hurts To Laugh

"The Lonely Sound" - Q Sessions - Recorded May 12, 2019

7" Split Vinyl Available from Fat Elvis Records:

A Side - The Dead Deads "Feel It Now" (Hurts To Laugh cover)

A Side - Hurts To Laugh "The Lonely Sound" (Dead Deads cover)

Website - www.hurtstolaugh.com


“A psychopomp is a deity who's responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife. The theme of the song is inspired by imagery of the Valkyries, the Grim Reaper, and the character Death from Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" series. The lyrics play with indistinct phrases and double entendre to lighten the theme to match the more optimistic feel of the tune; and ultimately leave the meaning up to the listener. The juxtaposition of darker concepts and lighter tunes has been a running motif for us going back to our first LP "Malefactors". It's always a fun angle to try and romanticize maleficence and the supernatural.” - Cayce Keller

Anchor Thieves

"Psychopomp" - Q Sessions - Recorded June 2, 2019

Anchor Thieves is Cayce Keller, Paul Cavitt, and Simon Lynn

Website - anchorthieves.com




"Soft was a song that, when I wrote it, kind of set the tone for the rest of the record. I felt surrounded by so much masculine energy in the world, which felt so harmful and unproductive. I don't really think about what I'm writing totally consciously when I write it, but when "Soft" came out, I felt a spark that let me know I was headed in a direction I wanted to be headed in. Right now, we're 5 white dudes singing a song about making our bodies and love soft. It feels like I good way to make ourselves vulnerable enough to really engage with others." - Bill Eberle

Bill Eberle

"Soft" - Q Sessions - Recorded May 26, 2019

Steven Page - Electric Guitar

David Page - Drums

Zach Grace - Bass

Zach Tichenor - Keys

Bill Eberle - Vocals, Guitar




“‘Nothing’ is a song about anxiety– I wrote it before I really even knew that word applied to me. To me, this song was about a voice in the back of my head that would go from quietly suggesting little unpleasant thoughts to feeling like it was screaming the worst possible scenarios at me. The last line of the song, ‘nothing’s got a hold on me’ is… a joke–it’s the idea that you can say ‘nothing is really wrong,’ all while knowing that hopeless thoughts about nothingness and pointlessness are always going to be looming over you.
When I wrote this song, I’d be out with friends and suddenly feel like I had no business having left my house, so I’d panic and try to figure out how to slip away and go home unnoticed. I’d be stuck at home, trying to reason with myself why I deserved better thoughts than what I had floating around in my mind. It’s kind of scary to realize you have something gnawing at you, always forcing you to think bad thoughts–about yourself, about what could happen to you, about…everything. Every day you have to go about your regular business, and people have no idea there is this crazy inner battle happening. Hence people always saying things like, ‘Why ‘Sad‘ Baxter?’ or ‘For a band with ‘Sad‘ in the name, you seem anything but!'” - Deezy Violet

Sad Baxter

"Nothing" - Q Sessions - Recorded May 12, 2019

Deezy Violet - Guitar+Vocals

Alex Mojaverian - Drums+Vocals

Taylor Jones - Bass




Sad Baxter

"The Atmos" - Q Sessions - Recorded May 12, 2019

Deezy Violet - Guitar+Vocals

Alex Mojaverian - Drums+Vocals

Taylor Jones - Bass